Spring Cleaning Services for Commercial Properties

Just like your home, commercial properties should be deep cleaned at least once a year.  A professional cleaning company, like Atlantic Building Solutions, offers a variety of spring-cleaning services for businesses, schools, and other facilities.  Listed below are some of the areas that should receive special attention this spring.

Floor Care: While regular maintenance should be applied to your floors, spring is the perfect time to make sure all areas are deep cleaned.  Furniture and desks should be moved in order to reach every corner.  Dirty carpets can lead to increased air pollution and contaminants, which can cause allergies, spreading of germs and many other forms of bacteria.  ABS employs both Dry (HOST & Encapsulation) and Wet (Extraction) methods when cleaning and restoring carpets.

Window Cleaning: Built-up dirt and grime will be cleaned off to allow in more light and improve the appearance of your building.  Be sure to open those windows and let out the stale air that has been trapped all winter.

High Dusting: Commercial properties need to be thoroughly dusted to reduce allergens and improve the building’s environment.  Dust from vents, diffusers, air returns, and duct work will be removed. I beams at all heights should be dusted and cleaned.

Upholstery Cleaning: Spot treatment followed by steam extraction to remove dirt, stains, and odors will make your upholstery items look new.

Exterior Upkeep: Cleaning up the exterior of your building and surrounding landscape is just as important as maintaining the interior.  Clearing debris and sprucing up your facility’s campus will attract potential customers. Pressure washing sidewalks and the outside walls of the building will improve curb appeal.

Periodic deep cleaning greatly benefits the appearance and health of your facility.  Atlantic Building Solutions provides spring-cleaning services for all kinds of commercial properties. We also offer high quality scheduled janitorial cleaning services.  Call us at 1-877-870-6441 today to discuss all of your commercial cleaning needs.

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