Control Indoor Air Quality with High Dusting

Indoor air quality continues to be a major concern for facility managers and regulatory agencies. Indoor air quality has been identified by the EPA as one of the top five most urgent environmental risks to public health. Understanding and controlling common indoor pollutants can help keep your warehouse, distribution center or manufacturing facility in line with OSHA standards.

Building maintenance is a key factor to maintaining a high indoor air quality. The over-accumulation of dust, especially in high hard-to-reach places like unfinished or open ceilings, is a health hazard. Atlantic Building Solutions helps warehouse, distribution and manufacturing facilities maintain a safe atmosphere with high dusting and commercial cleaning services.

4 key things to know about high dusting:

  1. High dusting is the process of cleaning difficult to reach spots, usually in an unfinished or open ceiling, and removing built-up dust, dirt and/or grime.
  2. The proper way to remove dust from a ceiling is with a vacuum cleaner. HEPA vacuum cleaners are the most effective way to keep high dust particles from spreading to other hard to reach areas.
  3. After an area is properly vacuumed, some additional cleaning may be necessary. Usually, all that is needed is to wipe down the area with wet towel.
  4. When searching for a cleaning company to take care of your high dusting needs, find a company that has experience high dusting and ceiling cleaning.

Atlantic Building Solutions has the equipment, training and experience to handle your high cleaning needs. Our teams use ladders, scaffolds, rafters and electric lifts to safely reach and clean your ceilings, fans, shelving and other hard to reach areas. For the best, most comprehensive high dusting service in North Carolina, turn to the experts at Atlantic Building Solutions.