High Window Cleaning

Cleaning High Windows in North Carolina

Keeping the windows clean on your property is a great way to keep a bright look and feel that makes your patrons feel welcome in your club, distribution center or other commercial property. The windows on your building provide a great source of natural light and can enhance the aesthetics of the property when designed properly. If you are in an office skyscraper the views can truly be breathtaking – assuming your windows are clean enough to see through.

Glass windows are generally exposed to outside elements, causing them to quickly accumulate dust and dirt. While keeping up with windows on the ground floor of a building is a relatively simple and pain-free task, maintaining the high windows on the second story and above can be a much more dangerous job.

Commercial High Window Cleaning – Best Left to the Experts

Attempting to clean high windows yourself requires special equipment and can be extremely dangerous if you don’t have proper training. If you need to clean the outside of windows in a high rise it is best to leave the job to the experts at Atlantic Building Solutions.

Washing windows is a very risky job – you could slip on soap and water, and even fall from great heights. In fact, window washing leads to several deaths and many more injuries each year. MSN Money recently declared window washing the most dangerous job in the United Kingdom, and each year more regulations in the United States and abroad are introduced to limit the use of ladders on high-rise buildings due to the dangers involved.

High Window Cleaning Risks

Without the proper equipment, cleaning windows truly is one of the riskiest jobs on the planet. Many modern building exteriors are covered almost entirely in glass, forcing window washers to cover a lot of surface area with a great deal of mobility. Glass is very difficult to hang onto, making it even riskier for workers who are already working on moving, uneven scaffolding or harnesses.

With these risks, there is no reason to attempt cleaning high windows by yourself, especially when there are many experts out there who are specifically trained to handle the risks involved with this type of work.

Contact the Best High Window Cleaners in North Carolina

Atlantic Building Solutions’ teams of cleaning experts will reach spots that most cleaners cannot, including corners and sidings, both inside and outside. Your windows will always be cleaned evenly, resulting in no leftover streaks or spots. Not only will keeping your windows clean brighten your workplace, it will also attract more clients through the presentation of your well-kept building facade.

To improve the overall look and feel of your commercial space without risking the lives of you and your employees, turn to the window cleaning experts at Atlantic Building Solutions. Contact us today for premier high window cleaning services in Raleigh/Durham, Greensboro, Charlotte and Beyond.