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At Atlantic Building Solutions, we understand that our bank cleaning services are about more than giving you sparkling windows and an immaculate interior—we're helping you establish your bank or credit union’s brand.

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Helping build a positive image for your customers.

You want your customers to walk into a clean, professional facility that positively reflects the image of your bank. Our NC, SC and VA commercial cleaners are part of your team, ensuring your establishment makes a great impression on customers – we want all of your clientele to see you as a professional bank they can trust.

Similarly, we know that our clients need to be able to trust our commercial cleaning crews. We take our clients’ trust very seriously and do all we can to ensure that our cleaning teams will reflect well on both of our businesses.

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We utilize Swept® technology so we can support our cleaners anywhere and anytime with visual cleaning instructions to get it right the first time.


ABS is licensed, bonded, and insured. And our employees undergo background checks as well as CleanCheck® advanced cleaning training. That means you can rest easy entrusting your facility to us.

Upholding a Higher Standard of Clean

Commercial bank cleaning centered on reliability and integrity

We know what it takes to make your bank stand out from the competition. Our bank cleaning contracts are customized to fit your bank’s needs, schedule and convenience. We also use an ongoing quality assurance program to ensure our high commercial cleaning standards are always upheld.

Atlantic Building Solutions and our employers are committed to honesty, integrity and high-quality work. We are completely insured and bonded, and each of our employees must pass a screening process that includes drug tests and background checks.

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