Green Cleaning

Green Commercial Cleaning in NC & Beyond

Office area greenBusiness owners understand the importance of having a healthy workforce with low absenteeism and high productivity. This is one of the reasons that many throughout North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina and Washington D.C. have chosen our green cleaning services for their offices and buildings. Atlantic Business Solutions knows that keeping your working environment clean and safe ultimately makes your employees happier, healthier and more productive!

Why Choose Green Cleaning by Atlantic Building Solutions?

Atlantic Building Solutions offers high quality and affordable green cleaning services as part of our complete commercial cleaning services. These services reflect our dedication to innovative and environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions that will improve the environmental and health performance of our clients.

Going green with our green cleaning services is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways for building owners to make their facility a safer and healthier environment for their staff. And for a little added bonus, green commercial cleaning makes a positive difference in the overall environment.

Our Professional Green Cleaning Practices

The United States Green Building Council has set forth very specific requirements concerning green cleaning practices. Through the following requirements, we hope to reduce the use of harmful cleaning chemicals, while simultaneously improving the air quality and overall health of a facility:

  • CRI Approved Equipment
  • EPA Certified Products
  • GS-37, GS-40 Approved Chemicals
  • Microfiber

Our green cleaning platform is based on the requirements set forth by the United States Green Building Council. We assist clients who are trying to achieve LEED Certification or simply make their facility more sustainable and eco-friendly. North Carolina businesses can earn points toward their LEED certification by switching to green cleaning practices.

Green cleaning will benefit your entire business, promoting a company image of good stewardship of employees and the earth as a whole. To make sure your office space is a place where your employees will feel their best, contact the Atlantic Building Solutions family to make the switch over to green cleaning practices today!

We are available at 1-877-870-6441 to answer all of your questions or concerns about green cleaning. Our dedicated representatives are standing by to fill you on the process and to provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate on your next commercial cleaning project. Call now!

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